One Year Of Adam’s Soapbox

Wow, that went quickly.

I can’t believe Adam’s Soapbox is officially one-year-old! What started out as an idea on an uneventful weekend has grown into something that I now take so much pride and satisfaction in calling my own. Looking back, the site has accomplished so much more that I had originally envisioned, and I just think that’s pretty cool and exciting. Granted there’s still, and always will be, room to improve in the future, but for a first year I have to say that I’m pretty proud of its progress. I have so many new ideas for future posts that I can’t wait to see through, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I’ll enjoy writing them. Because that’s what I am at heart: just a writer who wants to make people happy through his stories. Each one has a lot of meaning to me, and it’s a great feeling when someone comes up to me and says it made them smile or laugh. Those are the moments that keep me writing every day.

Here’s to a great second year!

PS: For those of my readers who have been waiting for my next full-fledged post, I promise it’s coming soon. A lot of hard work and effort has been going into it lately, and I hope you’ll all enjoy it when it’s finally shared. To loosely paraphrase from a certain individual: “A delayed story on Adam’s Soapbox is eventually good, but a rushed one is forever bad.”

Geez, this post better be good now, huh?

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